First Annual Day Drinker Cornhole Tournament

at Old Falls Village

  • Tournament will be a double elimination style tournament

  • Two person teams

  • Two boards 27 feet apart from front of board to front of board

  • Four bags per each team and bags must be thrown underhand

  • Player’s alternate shots until all eight bags are thrown

  • You may pitch bags from either side, behind the front of the board; however, all bags must be pitched from the same side

  • Teammates stand diagonal from each other on opposite sides of boards

    • After a game players rotate to the left or clockwise

  • If you are on the left side of board then walk straight across to the other board

    • Rock, paper, scissors to see which team throws first in game one

    • Winning team starts game two and three

  • Points are awarded as such: three (3) points for a bag in the hole and one (1) point for a bag on the board

    • Bags that miss the board or land on and slide off are zero points

    • A foul bag refers to any cornhole bag designated a foul bag as the result of a rules violation. Bags contacting the ground (bouncing) before reaching the playing surface and bags pitched when a player has crossed the foul line are Foul Bags. If a foul bag lands on the playing surface or comes to rest touching the ground and the board, it must be removed immediately.

    • The points of one player cancel out the points of their opponent. Using this method, only one team can score in each frame

    • The team that scores points will pitch first each time. If no points are scored, the team that scored last will pitch first

  • Matches will be best 2 out of 3 games

    • The first team to reach or exceed twenty-one (21) points at the conclusion of a frame will be the winner of each game

    • There is no skunk rule.

  • If a board moves or gets slanted teams need to agree to fix mid game

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