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Brew Yoga
will be back on 11/2

Saturday @ 12:30 pm

Join Jim Mussomelli for an hour long, all levels yoga class in the Brewery.  Admission $10:  Includes a beer of your choice, and an hour long yoga class. 
Preregistration is encouraged but not required.
(262) 456-2843

Wednesdays: 4pm - 10pm 

Thursdays:     4pm - 10pm 

Fridays:           4pm - 11pm 

Saturdays:      12pm - 11pm

Sundays:         12pm - 7pm 

Grandad's Lemongrass Kolsh

Tapping Party

Join Charitable Hops and Brewfinity

Saturday, 2/22

Be part of the partnership between Brewfinity and Charitable Hops! Join us to celebrate the 2019 Charitable Hop’s contest winner, AJ Catalanotte, and enjoy his Grandad's Lemongrass Kolsh  The tapping ceremony is at 6 pm.  

All proceeds from the sale of Grandad's Lemongrass Kolsh and $1 from all other Brewfinity tap beer sold that night will be donated to

JR Hearts  

JR Hearts is a remarkable 501(c)(3) organization who financially assists Wisconsin families with kiddos who are facing major medical challenges.  When medical bills are piling up, this grant can offer a reprieve for parents.  They began in memory of their son, Jackson, and have an extraordinary mission. 


Join the celebration and do some good for the community while enjoying great beer.

*Small Batch #10:  Kuske Mmmarzen


Alc. 5.5%


Dave Kuske, our malster from Proximity shared this recipe with us..  Dave passed away mid-November.  He was a great malster, friend and will be missed

Big Grabowski



Dry hopped light lager

This is a light and crisp lager that was dry hopped with Cashmere hops.  Cschmere hops evoke aromas of lemon and lime, melon, peach and tangerine.  The hops signature is a silky outhfeel that lives up to its name.

This is the third version of the single hop series Big Grabowski, we have also used Sabro and El Darado.  

Each new batch will be dry hopped with a different hop to showcase the differences.

80s Love Child


Alc. 6.3%

IBUs 70

East Coast style IPA

We used 3 pounds of late addition Citra and Mosaic hops per barrel for this beer. Hazy golden hue and bursting with citrus flavors.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (Bottles Only)


Alc. 10.1%

American Style Barleywine

Our first bottle release to celebrate our 2019 Beerthday!

Aged in Oak Bourbon barrels.



Alc. 7.0%

Chocolate/Cherry Stout

Sweet maraschino cherries upfront give way to chocolate in this dark and smooth stout.

Dark Monk


Alc. 8.4%

Belgian Dubbel

Brown hue with a creamy tan head. Roasty flavor with sweetness on the tongue. Some phenols from the Belgian yeast play with the sweetness. No burn from the alcohol makes this beer deceivingly delicious.

Day Drinker


Alc. 4.7%

American Premium Lager

Light and crisp, with just a hint of sweetness. This beer is perfect for, well, what the name implies.

Devil's Doom


Alc. 6.3%


Black hue, hints of coffee and caramel. Lots of maltiness and almost no hop presence.

IP Ya Der Hey


Alc. 6.7%

Wisconsin IPA

Yeah - we know this style doesn't exist (we are trend setters)



Alc. 4.7%

Jalapeno Lager

Smell the fresh jalapenos, taste the jalapenos, but no heat.  We can add that in if you want a spicy Jorge, just ask.

LaBelle Lager


Alc. 4.7%

Amber Lager

Amber Hue and caramel character are provided by the roasted malts.

Maxwells Mullet


Alc. %

Nut Brown Ale

Full bodied, bold flavor with coffee tones.  This was a collaboration with Inventor's Brew Pub

Nut Buster


Alc. 6.3%

Brown Ale

People think Nut Brown Ales are made with nuts.  Not true.  This one has a brown hue, mild bitterness and slight sweetness from the flaked oats. Hints of chocolate and nice toasty flavor.  Busted, no nuts.

Ski Slide


Alc. 5.6%

Vienna Lager

Copper hue, malt forward, crisp and clean.

Wallis Amber


Alc. 5.8%

American Amber

Roasty and malt forward with a reddish brown hue. Some sweetness comes through from the malt.  This beer is a collaboration with Inventor's Brew Pub and is named after the inventor of the infinity symbol, John Wallis.

*You're Killin' Me S'mores


Alc. 7%

Smores stout

Delicious hints of Chocolate, Marshmallow and Grahm Cracker burst through in this stout

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