Want to take some Brewfinity Beer home? 

Growlers, Howlers, Cans and Barrels are available


​We are now producing 80's Love Child, Day Drinker and Nut Buster in tall boy cans. They are available for purchase in our tap room and at various retail locations

80s Love Child


Alc. 6.2%

IBUs 57

East Coast style IPA

We used 3 pounds of late addition Citra and Mosaic hops per barrel for this beer. Hazy golden hue and bursting with citrus flavors.

Black Hops IPA


Alc. 5.8%

IBUs 61

Black IPA

Roasted coffee and chocolate tones with a subtle bite from the hops

Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (Bottles Only)


Alc. 10.1%

American Style Barleywine

Our first bottle release to celebrate our 2019 Beerthday!

Aged in Oak Bourbon barrels.

Bungler IPA


Alc. 7.4%

India Pale Ale

Orange hue, nice malt backbone balances against the resiny hoppiness that sits on the tongue. A citrusy floral bouquet greets the nose.

Carver's Brew


Alc. 7.4%

Pumpkin Ale

Smoked Pumpkin was added to this beer along with a hint of pumpkin spices.

Chocolate Nut House


Alc. 6.8%

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Aromas of Peanut Butter tickle the noes and the flavor of Chocolate and Peanut Butter dance together in this delicious porter.

Day Drinker


Alc. 5.0%

American Premium Lager

Light and crisp, with just a hint of sweetness. This beer is perfect for, well, what the name implies.

Devil's Spit


Alc. 6.6%

English Porter

Chocolate tones, hints of coffee and toffee, and creamy smoothness. We brewed this on June 6th, and it came it at 6.6% ABV. The devil’s name on this beer was a given.



Alc. 4.7%

Jalapeno Lager

Smell the fresh jalapenos, taste the jalapenos, but no heat.  We can add that in if you want a spicy Jorge, just ask.

Maxwell's Mullet


Alc. 5.8%

Brown Ale

English style Brown ale with coffee tones. 

Nut Buster


Alc. 6.3%

Brown Ale

People think Nut Brown Ales are made with nuts.  Not true.  This one has a brown hue, mild bitterness and slight sweetness from the flaked oats. Hints of chocolate and nice toasty flavor.  Busted, no nuts.



Alc. 5.5%


Malty with an orange hue, this is the beer Wisconsin expects for Oktoberfest.  Prost!

Rest Stop


Alc. 5.1

Strawberry/Rhubarb Amber

Strawberry and Rhubarb Amber Ale. Mild strawberry and tartness from the rhubarb in this beer that is malt forward and amber in style. Perfect for summer enjoyment.

Ski Slide


Alc. 5.6

Vienna Lager

Copper hue, malt forward, crisp and clean.

Wallis Amber


Alc. 5.8%

American Amber

Roasty and malt forward with a reddish brown hue. Some sweetness comes through from the malt.  This beer is a collaboration with Inventor's Brew Pub and is named after the inventor of the infinity sign, John Wallis.

Weisse Ass


Alc. 3.8%

Sour - Berliner Weisse style beer

We offer several refreshing flavors that can be added to the beer if you choose:  Peach, Woodruff, Raspberry and more

You're Killin Me S'mores


Alc. 6.2%

S'mores Porter

You guessed it:  A S'mores flavored stout where the Chocolate and Marshmallow shine through with a hint of campfire smokiness.

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