Want to take some Brewfinity Beer home? 

Growlers, Howlers, Cans and Barrels are available


​They are available for purchase in our tap room and at various retail locations

*Small Batch #13:  Witbier


Alc. 5.4%


We used sweet and bitter orange peel plus fresh ground coriander and ginger, fermented with a Jovaru Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast.

Albius Vanilla Stout


Alc. 6.2%

Vanilla Stout

This collaboration with Inventors Brewpub has a creamy head and is full-bodied with notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee.

The beer is named after Edmund Albius who was the inventor of the technique for pollinating vanilla orchids.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (Bottles Only)


Alc. 10.1%

American Style Barleywine

Our first bottle release to celebrate our 2019 Beerthday!

Aged in Oak Bourbon barrels.

*80s Love Child


Alc. 6.3%

IBUs 70

East Coast style IPA

We used 3 pounds of late addition Citra and Mosaic hops per barrel for this beer. Hazy golden hue and bursting with citrus flavors.

*Chocolate Nut House


Alc. 7.75%

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Smooth, rich and creamy. Peanut butter and chocolate flavors abound in this savory porter. This beer will make you lose your mind!



Alc. 7.2%


Brown hue with a blend of roasted malt with a perfect balance of sweetness.  This beer will make you contemplate how we made it so perfectly delicious.

Day Drinker


Alc. 4.7%

American Premium Lager

Light and crisp, with just a hint of sweetness. This beer is perfect for, well, what the name implies.

IP Ya Der Hey


Alc. 6.7%

Wisconsin IPA

Yeah - we know this style doesn't exist (we are trend setters)



Alc. 4.7%

Jalapeno Lager

Smell the fresh jalapenos, taste the jalapenos, but no heat.  We can add that in if you want a spicy Jorge, just ask.

*Knuckle Dragger


Alc. 10.25%


Enormous malt bill that is bold and intense, yet smooth and complex. Dark inviting hue that will entice you to have too many, thus causing your knuckles to drag!

LaBelle Lager


Alc. 4.7%

Amber Lager

Amber Hue and caramel character are provided by the roasted malts.

Maxwell's Mullet


Alc. 5.8%

Brown Ale

Full bodied, bold flavor with coffee tones.  This was a collaboration with Inventor's Brew Pub

Nut Buster


Alc. 6.3%

Nut Brown Ale

People think Nut Brown Ales are made with nuts.  Not true.  This one has a brown hue, mild bitterness and slight sweetness from the flaked oats. Hints of chocolate and nice toasty flavor.  Busted, no nuts.

Rye Me a River


Alc. 4.5%

Rye Amber Lager

The amber style brings a medium body malty flavor and a rich amber color, while the rye brings a slight spicy note

*Sassy Pants Blackberry Hazy IPA


Alc. 4.5%

Blackberry Hazy IPA

The beer has a purple hue with a nice bite from the hops.  We dry hopped with Lemondrop hops to provide the nice citrus component.  The aroma and flavor of the 8 pounds of blackberry puree counteract the bitterness of the hops.

*Snowflake Joe


Alc. 6%

White Stout

We worked locally with Berres Brothers Coffee to produce this cofee infused white stout.  Pale in color, coffee forward with silky hints of chocolate.  This unique style is creamy and robust.

*You're Killin' Me S'mores


Alc. 6.6%

S'mores Porter

Delicious hints of Chocolate, Marshmallow and Grahm Cracker burst through in this porter

Our S'mores Porter is a 2020 Silver Medal winner in the U.S. Open Beer Championship!

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